Welcome to Gazelle in the Shadows novel

Welcome to Gazelle in the Shadows novelWelcome to Gazelle in the Shadows novelWelcome to Gazelle in the Shadows novel

About the Author

Michelle Peach outside the Chancery building 1990

British Embassy Sana'a, Yemen Arab Republic (YAR) 1990

The author worked for the Foreign Office in London in the News Department and also in Sir Geoffrey Howe's Private Office 1986-1988.  She was posted to the British Embassy in Sana'a, Yemen Arab Republic (YAR) from 1988-1991. She was in Yemen during the unification of YAR and PDRY and during the Iraq/Kuwait war.

Receiving her degree from Peter Ustinov

Durham University

Michelle graduated from Durham University 1995 with a BA(Hons) in Arabic with Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies.  It was during the second year of her degree where the events in her novel took place. 

Student ID for the Institute in Damascus

Damascus, Syria

During 1992, Michelle studied at the Arabic Teaching Institute for Foreigners in Damascus.  



She also traveled to Beirut, Lebanon to research and study in the American University where she translated documents for Dr. Andew Rathmell.  She also freelanced for UNHCR.



Michelle is British and also has American citizenship.  She is married to Richard and has three children.  They live in the suburbs of Atlanta, GA.  She's a stay-at-home mom and loves hiking, gardening, and socializing with family and friends.


Michelle, the writer

It all began because I wanted my children to know what I had done before marriage and about the many adventures I had experienced in my life overseas. In addition, many friends encouraged me to write a book about my life because they found it extraordinary.  So, my novel was born.  The end is fictionalized but many of the chapters are my life.